Shaun Walbridge

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As Forensic Accountants, the majority of our work involves dispute resolution, typically for cases that may end in the Courts. We work in the main with solicitors to provide expert witness reports for civil or criminal cases. Civil cases include professional negligence, company valuations, ancillary relief or other financial matters, all of which bring into play the experiences gained from general practice.

We also undertake criminal cases (both prosecution and defence) which are challenging but enjoyable. On occasion, it may be necessary to give evidence in Court before a jury.

The role of the expert witness is guided by the Procedure Rules – Civil, Criminal and Family. You are expected to be independent and to act impartially; your overriding duty is to the Court and not the to the person paying. 

One area that is misunderstood relates to the qualifications to be a forensic accountant - the Court requires expert witnesses to be suitably qualified and to have appropriate experience of acting as an expert witness. Training to be an expert witness is through The Academy of Experts (in partnership with ACCA) who are an accrediting body for expert witnesses.