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Accountancy is more than just numbers

More than numbers

Accountancy is for everyone, regardless of background.

Accountancy opens doors to all sectors and industries so it’s a really exciting stable profession to become qualified in. Whether you’re passionate about supporting communities, making an impact in the public sector or taking action against climate change there will be a place for you.  Equally, if you’re less about the societal contributions but love the idea of working for a football club, your favourite fashion brand or social media platform, you guessed it…there will be a role for you as a finance professional.

This is because accountants are in demand across every business, charity, social enterprise and service that deals with money. Regardless of what’s happening in the world or the state of the economy, finance professionals are required to interpret and communication the information that will help key clients and stakeholders navigate the next decision they have to make.  

The skills you need to take you there.

The skills you need to become an accountant aren’t what you might think. The world is changing and so is the future of accountancy.  As technology advances, so does accountancy.  Yes, you need to be comfortable with numbers and you need to be numerate, but you do not have to be a maths genius.  These days the key skills an account needs include problem solving, team work, communication, influencing and the ability to build and manage relationships with stakeholders.

There is no right or wrong pathway into the profession

Whether you study on a training programme with an employer, as an apprentice or through an academic route, our qualifications are designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge to secure your first job and help build the career you are dreaming of.  An ACCA qualification provides you with the tools required to become a finance professional, working in any sector, in any country in the world. The world is your oyster!

Getting Started

As a UK school leaver or graduate, there are no academic barriers to beginning your ACCA journey. Your entry point to study the ACCA qualification will be based on your academic history to date, to ensure you are able to build up the foundational knowledge required in order to thrive in your studies.

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