Remote on-demand CBE FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our remote on-demand CBEs

Who can sit a remote on-demand CBE?

Remote on-demand exams are permitted to be taken in selected locations. 

Find out if remote exams are permitted in your location

If remote on-demand exams not permitted in your location, you should sit your exam at one of our test centres instead. Additionally, if you are a student based in mainland China you must be 18 years or over to take a remote exam.

How do I book an On-Demand Computer Based Exam at home?

First, check that you are permitted to take a remote exam in your location using the exam availability and booking page . Then follow these instructions:

1. Conduct the checks detailed on the before you book webpage

2. If you meet these requirement proceed to the booking page 

3. Complete your registration and select and confirm your subject with our partner The British Council

4. Make your online payment for the exams you want to book

5. You will then be sent a payment confirmation email and supporting information on testing software, student information, how to book your exam slot

6. You will register with our partner ProctorU and book your slot to sit your exam at home (at present the earliest you can sit your exam from booking your slot is 7 days)

7. Once you have booked your slot ProctorU will confirm your booking and provide you with information on sitting your exam, including when you should download ACCA exam delivery and Remote Invigilation software to your device

I have chosen my timeslot with ProctorU and I have hit “select” but nothing has happened?

Follow the instructions below to resolve this issue:

  • Make sure you're on
  • Right-click, inspect
  • Click the >> on the top right 
  • Click Application
  • Make sure Clear Storage is highlighted on the left
  • Click Clear Site Data
  • Click Refresh the page

If this does not work, please contact ProctorU for support on booking your timeslot.

When will I receive my exam token?

You will receive your exam token 2 days before your scheduled exam date. To ensure the integrity of our exams, we cannot provide this before this time.

Please only contact if you have not received your token 24 hours before your scheduled exam start.

Can I book multiple exams at the same time?

You need to book and pay for each exam individually.

Can I book my exam and pay at a later date?

No, exams must be paid for at the time of booking and we can only accept online payments.

Can I amend my scheduled exam time?

You can reschedule your exam upto 48 hours prior to your scheduled start time through your ProctorU account.  For guidance on how to reschedule your exam visit ProctorU’s guidance page.


What happens if I want to cancel my exam?

How do I cancel my exam?

You can cancel your exam and receive a full refund if you cancel within 14 days of making payment.

If you need to cancel your exam for any reason. Log into ProctorU and click on the cancel exam button – if you have any issues you can contact ProctorU using their LiveChat function

To subsequently request a refund you should contact the British Council.

What will happen if there are technical issues during the exam?

It is important your device meets the minimum specifications for the exam software and you have the conducted the pre-checks for the proctor/invigilator software.

However, if you experience technical difficulties on the day, ProctorU will do everything they can to support you resolve these issues.  If technical issues cause your exam to cancelled or stopped refunds will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

  • If the cancellation or premature end of the exam was caused by a candidates’ failure to perform system check prior to the exam, no refund will be granted.
  • If the cancellation or premature end of the exam was caused by internet connectivity, power outage etc. the candidate is entitled to reschedule the exam free of charge, but no refund will be granted.

What username should I use when registering with ProctorU?

You can choose any username, however we recommend using your email address.

My Internet Service Provider is blocking ProctorU from remotely accessing my machine. What do I do?

In some cases, you may find that your Internet Service Provider will block the Proctor remotely accessing your machine. If this happens, the Proctor will be unable to start your scheduled exam.

We would recommend checking this prior to your scheduled exam start time, and ensuring any necessary updates are made.

I require additional support, is this possible?

Yes.  Please follow our guidance on requesting additional support.

If I am sitting multiple exams, will I need to re-download the exam software multiple times?

Yes, you will be required to install and uninstall the ACCA exam software for each exam you want to sit at home.

Do I need to delete/uninstall the exam software after the end of my exam?

Yes, you will need to uninstall the ACCA exam software at the end of your exam, your remote proctor will provide you with details on how to do this at the end of the exam.

Will I be filmed during the exam and how will this be used?

You should be aware that in order to conduct exams securely we are required to film and record all students taking exams. All filming and recordings will only be viewed and used for the sole purposes of conducting the exam securely and administering post-exam related activities including any disciplinary matters. 

Recordings will be stored securely and will be erased when no longer required.

We are working in partnership with the British Council who will act as a remote On-Demand CBE Centre and will process your booking and take payment and also with Proctor U who will provide remote invigilation of your exam. 

For the sole purposes of conducting the exam and related post-exam activities, some of your personal data will be collected and stored securely on their systems. Your data will not be shared with any other party not involved in this process.

You will be asked to at various points in the process to read and confirm you understand the Data Privacy for each system.

What equipment am I allowed to you use during the exam?

View our guide as to how you desk setup should be and what equipment you're allowed to use for both desktop and laptops.

You are not permitted to use a VPN connection.

Can I use my smartphone as a webcam for remote invigilation? 

You are not permitted to use your smartphone for any purpose during the exam, including its use as a webcam device.  View our guide as to what your desk setup should look like.

Can I take screenshots during the exams or print the exam material on screen?

No, it is against the rules and regulations of the exam to to take screenshots, photos or printouts of the exam materials.

Is the exam content different between remote on-demand CBEs and centre-based on-demand CBEs?

No.  The exams use the same exam software, assess the same exam syllabus and have the same exam duration regardless of where the exam is taken. 

What if I don’t have the right equipment available to run the exam? 

Unfortunately, if you do not meet the system requirements it will not be possible to take a remote on-demand CBE.

Before booking an exam you will be directed to check whether your device meets the technical specifications required to install and run the ACCA exam software.

What happens if the invigilator loses their own internet connection?

Whilst students are responsible for their own internet connection, in the highly unlikely event an invigilator loses their internet connection you will not be negatively impacted.


What am I allowed to have on my desk during the exam?

View our handy guide for information on what you are allowed on your desk during the exam.

Am I allowed to move away from my desk during the exam, such as to you use the bathroom?

Due to the nature of the remote proctoring and the need to ensure exam security, students are not permitted to move away from their desk during the exam.  This means no breaks, including accessing bathroom facilities, are allowed during remote on-demand CBEs.

Will I still get my results immediately after I finish my exam?

Yes. Your provisional results notification will still be displayed to you at the end of your exam which you can print.  If you do not have a printer ACCA will provide your final result certification on myACCA within 72 hours of sitting your exam.

Can I use scrap paper for making notes?

Yes. Students are permitted 2 sheets of blank paper which they must destroy in front of the remote proctor at the end of their exam.

Please note that for students going onto take remote session exams (for Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams) that in these exams no scrap paper is permitted. This is because the difference in exam content and exam delivery platforms mean remote on-demand and remote session exams require different exam security requirements. 

What time should I arrive for for my exam?

Arrive at the time you selected when you scheduled the exam.  If you have any technical difficulties or any other problems preventing you from logging in at your scheduled exam time, use Live Chat or call +1 855-772-8678. To prevent unexpected call charges, before dialling please check with your phone provider the cost of calls to the USA.

Does my exam begin when I connect with ProctorU

No, the allotted time for your exam does not begin until the exam has been unlocked by your proctor.

What are my ProctorU login details?

Your ProctorU login details are chosen by you at the time you create your ProctorU profile.

How will ACCA communicate with me?

All exam information will be issued to you electronically using email and your myACCA.  To ensure this reaches you safely please ensure your contact details are kept up-to-date.

How will the British Council communicate with me?

The British Council will communicate with you via email, using the email address you provide when you register with them. 

How will ProctorU communicate with me?

The ProctorU will communicate with you via email, using the email address you provide when registering your British Council account.

Will I be charged for calling ProctorU for support?

Yes, to prevent unexpected charges please check with your phone provider for costs of calls to the USA before dialling 885-772-8678.

Can I wear religious apparel, such as a face scarf?

Items considered religious apparel are allowed following visual inspection by the invigilator. Visual inspection would be done without asking the candidate to remove or unwrap it, unless upon direct visual observation there is strong visual evidence that a prohibited item is concealed in it.

Can I make a request on the gender of the invigilator?

No, invigilators are randomly allocated to students. There is currently no mechanism to assign specific invigilators to student.

Can I bring a pet in with me?

As long as they don't help you with your exam, your pets are welcome to join you!

FAQs relating to exam vouchers

My Employer/Learning Provider has paid for my remote on-demand CBE and has offered to allow me to use their corporate laptop – can I use this to sit my exams?

We do not recommend using a computer provided by your employer or institute as their own security policies may prevent software installation or prevent your exam starting. 

How can my Employer/Learning Provider pay for my remote on-demand CBE?

Employers and Learning Providers are able to purchase Exam Vouchers. They will then distribute the Exam Vouchers to their students. 

If you receive an Exam Voucher, you will be able to use it to book a matching Remote On-Demand CBE 

Do Exam Vouchers have an expiry date?

Yes, they expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Please check with your Employer /Learning Provider if you need to know the purchase date

I have been provided an Exam Voucher to pay for my remote on-demand CBE – how do I use this?

Your Employer/Learning Provider will send you the Exam Voucher. You can redeem this by entering the Voucher Code on the Remote On-Demand CBE student registration screen.  

To redeem the Exam Voucher, you must:

  1. Answer “Yes” to ‘Has your Employer/Learning Provider provided you with an Exam Voucher?’

  1. Enter the Exam Voucher Code in the ‘Please Enter Code Here’ box

Important: The Exam Voucher used must match the type of exam you are booking.

When a valid Voucher Code is entered on the Registration screen, no payment will be due at the Payment screen.  If you believe you are using a Valid Exam Voucher but are still being asked for payment, do not proceed. Instead check the Exam Voucher is valid for your exam.

The first 3 letters of the Voucher Code indicate which exams each Exam Voucher is valid for:

GON: FA1, MA1, FA2, MA2



My Exam Voucher is not working. What should I do?

Exam Vouchers are single use and must match the type of exam you are booking.

When a valid Voucher Code is entered on the Registration screen, no payment will be due at the Payment screen.  If you believe you are using a valid Exam Voucher but are still being asked for payment, do not proceed. Instead check the Exam Voucher is valid for your exam.


  1. Check the exam you would like to book matches the Exam Voucher you have been given. 

  2. Let your Employer/Learning Provider know that your Exam Voucher is not working as expected. If need be, they will be able to contact the British Council for assistance

Can I pay for my remote on-demand CBE and expense this back to my employer?

This is not a service that ACCA or the British Council provide. It may, however, be something your Employer/Learning Provider can help you with. Please discuss this with your Employer/ Learning Provider before paying for the exam yourself.