Maths and English language support

Maths and English language skills are an important part of studying for the ACCA Qualification and passing exams. Resources on this page will help you identify your current levels of maths and English proficiency, as well as providing some suggestions if you want to increase your skill levels.

Free English language tests in partnership with the British Council

Understanding your current level of ability is a useful first step in planning how to improve your English skills. The British Council EnglishScore test is a globally recognised English test.

Download the app to assess your English vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills and use the special ACCA discount code below.

The test takes around 30-40mins to complete. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Download the EnglishScore app, available from the Google Play Store or iOs App store.
  • Before you begin, make sure you find a quiet place to take the test uninterrupted, and check you have working sound and camera on your mobile device.
  • Register with your email address, enter your name and the connect code ASSCQUVN.

More information:

British Council LearnEnglish

The British Council also offers a range of free learning resources for both general English and business English, including podcasts, magazines, videos and games.

There is also the option to subscribe and get access to high quality online courses.

Read in English

The benefits of reading something in English every day are huge - why not sign up to a daily business news update? Not only would this give you regular practice at reading English, it would also help you develop skills in areas such as commercial acumen.

Free maths and English self-check tests 

You need to be competent in maths and English to complete the ACCA Qualification. To help you with your maths skills ACCA has created some self-check tests, accessible on the Student Virtual Learning Centre