It’s about people, and using your technical knowledge and personal skills to help them in their business and in life.

That was the great quality Nathalie possessed, and her instinctive ability to connect with people played a huge part in the astonishing growth of the firm she worked for - Crunch Accounting in Brighton.

Nathalie fought childhood Leukaemia (when 8 years old), resulting in a bone marrow transplant aged 13 years. Nathalie died in January 2022 aged just 26, from a rare lung disease known as Pleuroparenchymal fibroelastosis (PPFE).

Despite her health setbacks, she lived a full and active life - as a performer in musicals, a supporter and fundraiser for the hospitals and charities which helped her, a campaigner for the issues she cared about, and as an ACCA accountant.

"She was a one-off, so vibrant, and passionate about everything she did "

said Robert Grant, head of professional services at Crunch

‘We were devastated to lose her. She was one of those special people who made life better for all those around her. She was all about integrity, standing up for what’s right, and for helping absolutely anyone she could.’

Nathalie began her too-short career in finance, studying AAT, then ACCA while working for Crunch as a trainee.

She qualified in January 2021, and enjoyed exactly one year with the four letters after her name before she lost her final health battle, but not before she had made a huge impact on colleagues, customers and the world around her.

‘She played an enormous part in our growth,’ said Robert.

The story of Crunch, like the story of Nathalie, echoes the values of ACCA.

It began as a start-up in 2009, and now has 130 staff and 10,000 customers across the UK. In January 2022, the company completed its first crowdfunding raise, significantly exceeding the target amount from small investors.

It’s a thoroughly modern 21st Century business. Staff work remotely. It's entirely digital. Clients typically are freelancers, micro-businesses, people following their dreams of running their own show.

They know their business but they don’t necessarily know finance.

‘We demystify it for them,’ said Robert. ‘We make it simple and help them get on with what they love doing, knowing we have their backs on the finance front.

‘Nathalie was brilliant at that. Customers loved her, like everyone did.’

Nathalie’s family and friends are raising funds towards PPFE research on the following link: