There are several different roles within ACCA’s disciplinary and regulatory committees. Committee members support arms length decision making to assist ACCA in providing robust, swift, fair and independent regulation in the public interest.

Panel members (including chairs, accountant panel members, lay panel members and legal advisers) serve on our disciplinary and regulatory committees, ensuring that we have the relevant professional and lay input into our decision making and play an integral role in safeguarding the fairness and impartiality of the hearing..

The independent panel of disciplinary assessors comprises individuals with a wide range of expertise, including but not limited to accountancy and law. As arm’s length decision makers in the disciplinary process, the disciplinary assessors play an integral role in assisting ACCA in providing robust, swift, fair and independent regulation in the public interest.

The regulatory assessor has the delegated power of ACCA’s Admissions and Licensing Committee to impose conditions on certificates and licences issued by ACCA and/or to impose conditions on any future reapplication for a certificate that the holder has voluntarily relinquished.  Regulatory assessors play a key role in ensuring that the holder of a certificate maintains proper standards of conduct, thereby maintaining public confidence in the profession and protecting the public interest.

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What does being a panel member involve?

The role of the panel member is integral to supporting ACCA in maintaining high standards of practice and professional conduct through making appropriate decisions at hearings.

Regulatory and disciplinary assessors exercise certain delegated powers and typically do not operate as part of a committee.

ACCA values the independence and expertise of panel members from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Successful applicants will join ACCA’s panel of regulatory and disciplinary committee members, and will serve on committees making independent decisions in the public interest.

To find out more about what it means to be a member of the Panel please see the Q&As from current panel members.

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