Meet Abeera Ahmed

The senior accountant from Dubai reveals how ACCA membership has helped shape her career.

My first job was actually in teaching. While I was studying for my ACCA Qualification my college selected me as a teaching assistant. Later I was hired as an ACCA lecturer; I taught taxation, business law and financial accounting at the British University College in Pakistan.

I was happy teaching ACCA courses back in my home town. So my decision to move to the UAE to complete my studies and explore the corporate world was a giant step out of my comfort zone. In Dubai, I had a phenomenal ACCA audit teacher, Sadaf Maaz. She made audit seem like the most interesting subject ever and inspired me to qualify and become an auditor. Since then, ACCA has opened doors for me to work internationally with prestigious companies and so has shaped my career.

After qualifying, I joined AASC Chartered Accountants in Dubai as a senior auditor. Then after a spell as a financial accountant at real estate group Al Mazaya, I landed my current role. I’m a senior accountant with aerospace manufacturer Safran Group. Working in the aviation industry has already added wings to my career, but there’s a lot more to learn and explore.

My love for numbers was inspired by my mother. She was always making small accounts and keeping records in her diary, which fascinated me. She won the award for best mathematics teacher every year. I felt it was in my genes to opt for accountancy, but teaching is in my DNA too. I would have been an ACCA lecturer for sure if I wasn’t an accountant.

It is said: go where your passion lies and the rest will follow. My role at Safran is keeping me motivated to remain a part of the corporate world. Here, I can expand my network, learn from true professionals and polish my skills.

There is nothing better than getting paid to do what you love. I love learning to understand the mechanics of the aviation industry. And I really enjoy flying: my favourite planes are the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 777X. I also have plans to do a skydive.

My biggest achievement so far? That takes me back to my teaching days. When my students passed their ACCA exams I felt so pleased and proud.

I am a foodie. I enjoy Arabic and Lebanese cuisine, especially the meat grills. I love travelling too. I have the company of my three-year-old daughter, and on weekends we plan exciting trips and explore the local environment.

"ACCA has opened doors for me to work internationally with prestigious companies and so has shaped my career"