Business Angels

Business angels are wealthy individuals who invest in start-up and growth companies in return for equity in the company. The investment can involve both time and money depending upon the investor.

An entrepreneur would normally apply for finance from a business angel by ‘pitching’ to them. They will need to be well-prepared and confidently present full details of the business, its past and projected financial performance, its target markets and its goals and aspirations.

The business angel needs to be convinced as to the viability of the business and its ability to provide them with an adequate return on their investment.

The business angel will keep a close eye on all aspects of the business’s performance to ensure that its objectives are being met and that the return on investment is maximised. It is important to retain a good relationship with the business angel, which will influence their willingness to provide further finance at a later date, if required.  

In addition to business angels, there are many other sources of finance to explore. From loans and commercial mortgages to cashflow finance and trade solutions, Barclays can help businesses find the right solution to support growth. Follow the link below.