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FI offer a range of award winning online learning courses that utilise a range of digital and physical learning materials, alongside expert tutor support to help you achieve success in your next exam.

In response to June exam disruption, FI developed the ACCA Bridging programme, designed to help students who have studied tuition courses to the June 2020 sitting (or before) transition to revision courses to the September 2020 exam sitting.

Key features

  • Guidance on how to build on the knowledge you gained throughout your tuition course and structure to your studies so that you are ready for September sitting revision courses
  • Three questions you can submit for marking and feedback – start building those exam skills before revision courses start
  • Technical updates to ensure you are aware of any syllabus changes – have confidence that your technical knowledge is up to date  
  • Tutor support 
  • A mock exam to submit for marking and feedback
  • Guidance on how to progress towards qualification with the ACCA via PER and completion of the EPSM 
  • Available globally – managed and supported from the UK.

Exams covered

Applied Skills and Strategic Professional.


Courses are availble at £99 per subject for a limited time only.

Find out more

Visit the FI Bridging programme website