Practical experience supervisor support

The following resources are available to help you understand, fulfil and get the most from your role as an ACCA practical experience supervisor.

Make a difference - become a practical experience supervisor for ACCA trainees

Download the information booklets from this page and read about the benefits of becoming a practical experience supervisor and what would be expected of you.

PER Guide

The PER Guide is the definitive guide to everything you need to know about ACCA’s Practical Experience Requirement (PER). Familiarising yourself with ACCA's PER will help prepare you for being a practical experience supervisor for an ACCA trainee.

PER guide (PDF)

Performance objectives

Trainees need to complete a range of performance objectives - ACCA's indicators of effective performance - before they can apply for membership. As a practical experience supervisor you will guide and support trainees through their achievement of performance objectives and you can use this booklet to familiarise yourself with them.

Performance objectives (PDF)

Become a practical experience supervisor

ACCA’s practical experience requirement (PER) is a vital part of the ACCA Qualification; it enables trainees to apply the knowledge and techniques they learn while studying for their exams and develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours to be a qualified accountant.

Become a Practical Experience Supervisor (PDF)