FAQs about exam vouchers for remote on-demand CBE

Answering your questions about purchasing vouchers for your students' to sit remote on-demand CBEs

Can my student to use a corporate computer or network to sit their remote on-demand CBE?

It is not recommended for students to use a corporate computer or network provided by their employer or institute when sitting their exam. This is because security policies on those systems may prevent software installation or prevent your exam starting.

We recommend testing computer hardware prior to students sitting an exam. Learn about testing your computer hardware for remote CBEs

Who can purchase exam vouchers for on-demand remote CBEs?

Any employer or learning providers with students who wish to sit ACCA on-demand remote CBEs can purchase vouchers.

How do I know which exam voucher to purchase?

There are 2 important criteria when purchasing exam vouchers:

  1. Which country will the student sit the exam in?
  2. Which exam will the student sit?

These, together, define which exams each voucher can be redeemed for.

Can I purchase multiple exam vouchers at the same time?

It is possible to purchase multiple exam vouchers at the same time. 

In the same purchase transaction, you can purchase:

  • Multiple exam vouchers
  • Exam vouchers for different ACCA remote on-demand CBEs

Importantly, exam vouchers purchased in the same transaction will all be valid for 1 country only.

If you wish to purchase exam vouchers for multiple countries, you must undertake separate purchase journeys for each country.

How long are exam vouchers valid for?

Exam vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. This cannot be extended.

When will I receive my exam vouchers?

You will receive a purchase confirmation email shortly after you complete the transaction.

Your exam vouchers will then be emailed to you within 2 working days of purchase.

What format will the exam vouchers be?

You will receive a set of single use exam voucher codes. The email containing these will clearly show which exams each voucher can be used for.

How do I/students know which exam each exam voucher can be used for?

Exam vouchers are valid for the country selected when purchasing the exam vouchers. 

The first 3 letters of the voucher code indicate which exams each voucher is valid for in that country:

1st 3 letters in the voucher codeExam voucher is valid for 
GONFA1, MA1, FA2, MA2 

How do my students get their exam vouchers?

The voucher purchaser is solely responsible for distributing the exam vouchers to their students.

Who can redeem the exam vouchers?

Exam vouchers can be redeemed by any student who is eligible to sit ACCA on-demand remote CBEs.

Do I need to tell ACCA which student(s) will use the exam voucher(s) I purchase?

No, the voucher purchaser can distribute the exam voucher to anyone they wish.

What can ACCA exam vouchers be used to purchase?

Exam vouchers can only be used to book on-demand remote CBEs. Which exam will depend on the exam group chosen during the exam voucher purchase.

How are vouchers redeemed for exams bookings?

Students must enter the voucher code when booking their on-demand remote CBE. Visit the ACCA student page for on-demand remote CBE exams for more information.

What happens if ACCA change the exam price after I have purchased an exam voucher but before it has been used?

Providing the exam voucher is still within the validation period, it can be used to book an exam at the new price.

Can I get a refund for unused exam vouchers?

A 14-day cooling off period applies for exam voucher purchases. 

Importantly, refunds can only be requested where all exam vouchers purchased in that transaction remain unused. Access the British Council's terms and conditions for more information.

How are exam voucher refunds requested?

The purchaser of the voucher must contact the British Council. Please email ACCAEAH.Partners@britishcouncil.org to request a refund. 

What happens if a student is due a refund for an exam that was booked using an exam voucher?

The same refund rules apply for exams purchased by the student or using an exam voucher.

Where a refund is approved for an exam booked using an exam voucher, that refund will be in the form of a replacement exam voucher. This replacement exam voucher will only be issued to the purchaser of original voucher. There will be no cash refunds for exams booked using an exam voucher.

Can an exam booked using an exam voucher be rescheduled and/or transferred?

Yes. The same rules apply for if an exam was purchased by the student directly.  

Visit the student FAQs for on-demand remote CBE exams for more information.

How do I track the use of exam vouchers I’ve purchased?

Partners will be provided with a monthly report showing:

  • Details of purchased exam vouchers
  • If they have been redeemed, information about which student and exam it was redeemed for.

This report will be emailed to the purchaser on the third working day of each month.