Lock Peng Kuan

Introducing Lock Peng Kuan



Q: What’s unique about you?

I’ve worked in many different countries and industries.  This gives me a wider perspective of business outside of my current career, which contributes to my ability to be an auditor and leader.

Q: How has technology and digitalisation helped you?

I have always been fascinated by how technology has helped improve our workflow, and by extension, our lives.  As someone who lived through the age where personal computers were a huge box and mobile phones were the size of a brick, the technological advances of the last 20 years have been amazing. Now I can review documents online from anywhere in the world and connect with people anywhere and everywhere on the go.

Q: How important is it to feel part of something bigger?

It is always exciting to feel part of something bigger.  We can achieve so much more than we ever could journeying alone.

Q: What have you/your practice struggled with?

As with all other businesses, one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with the different regulations laid down by the government to keep the COVID-19 virus at bay.  This, together with the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, continues to make it challenging for us to plan too far ahead.