Frequently asked questions

What are the entry requirements?

For the Certificate in GBS there are no formal entry requirements, though English is required to be able to undertake the English language version of the Certificate. It’s recommended candidates have a level of accountancy knowledge equivalent to FA1/MA1.

What language is the Certificate in GBS available in?

The Certificate in GBS is available in English and Chinese.

What are the various topics covered in the Certificate in GBS?

The Certificate in GBS has been updated to reflect the ever-changing GBS industry to keep the qualification relevant.

This course will give your employees the skills and expertise to process accounting and produce reports, and to understand shared services, processes and standards.

Through five key modules delivered over 10 to 15 hours of expert online tuition, they’ll:

  • discover the principles and practice that define the best shared services teams
  • gain the skills and expertise to design better processes and manage change
  • discover how to harness innovative tech – and deliver truly outstanding service
  • realise the benefits of online learning through the new ACCA Learning platform

How many hours are needed for self-study or face-to-face training?

There is no face-to-face training available for either the Certificate.

For the Certificate in GBS, we expect 10-15 hours of online study.

Where can you buy study materials?

Additional study materials are not required for as the online learning covers all areas needed.

How and where can a candidate learn?

The Certificate is available fully online through ACCA Learning and can therefore be studied anywhere, and at any time.

What is ACCA Learning?

ACCA Learning is our curated portfolio of continuous learning solutions for ACCA members, future members, employers and all finance professionals.

ACCA Learning makes it quick and easy to discover relevant learning that meets your needs. Some of our most popular CPD courses are already available through ACCA Learning and we’ll be adding more courses and resources over the coming months. You'll find webinars, CPD courses, certificates and diplomas in accountancy, finance, leadership, digital skills and much more, making ACCA Learning the new home for all your learning needs.

How much time does a candidate have to complete the qualifications?

Candidates have twelve months to complete the Certificate in GBS.

If a candidate does not complete the Certificate in GBS within the required timeframe, do they have to start again and what does mean in terms of fees?

If a candidate does not complete their qualification within the allowed timeframe, they will need to reapply and pay to access the course again. There are no extensions to the allowed time for completing the course and no refunds will be offered.

If a candidate already a future member or affiliate of ACCA, can they sit the Certificate in GBS?

Yes. GBS is in the top three fastest growing industries hiring ACCA talent.

How much does the Certificate in GBS cost?

Pricing for the certificate can be found here.

Please contact us to find out more and if you are eligible for a group discount.

When does payment need to be made for qualifications?

Payment is based on an invoice issued by ACCA. Vouchers are only provided after payment.

What mark does a candidate need to achieve to be awarded their Certificate in GBS?

Candidates must achieve over 50% in the final assessment of the Certificate in GBS.

Can an ACCA member study the Certificate in GBS?

Yes, ACCA members are welcome to develop their knowledge in GBS by sitting either the certificate.

Does the Certificate in GBS provide CPD?

The Certificate in GBS provides 25 hours of verifiable CPD.