Competitive advantage: Dubai delivers

In order to be awarded CPD units you must answer the following five random questions correctly. If you fail the test, please re-read the article before attempting the questions again.

  1. Why is it seen as so important that the waitress in the Japanese restaurant observed in microscopic detail when was the best time to refill the glass?

  2. Dubai/UAE -

  3. The Burg Khalifa -

  4. From the case of country advantage, competitive advantage is -

  5. UAE/Dubai and Emirates Airlines strategies are -

  6. An experience like the author had of visiting Dubai -

  7. The reason why Emirates Airlines is truly special is, according to the article, because -

  8. The impact of such a competitive edge on Emirates performance is -

  9. The Boards have decided several matters for inclusion in the new IFRS on leases. Which of the following is not likely to be part of the new leasing guidance?

  10. Dubai/UAE competitive strategy is -