Under this MRA, who is eligible to apply for membership of ACCA?

If you are a Certified Public Accountant member of MICPA, you are eligible to apply for ACCA membership via the MRA if you: 

  • have successfully completed the MICPA examinations;
  • satisfied the MICPA Practical Experience Requirements, with more than five years' relevant professional experience post-admittance to membership; and
  • have not been subject to disciplinary sanction within the seven years prior to your application. 

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I am a MICPA member. Do I need to complete any further examinations or coursework to be eligible for ACCA membership?

No. MICPA members that meet the above eligibility criteria shall be considered to have met the education, examination and experience requirements for admission into ACCA membership. 

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I am a MICPA member with less than five years' relevant post-membership work experience. Am I eligible for the MRA pathway?

No. Members must have more than five years' relevant post-membership work experience to be eligible for the MRA. 

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I am a MICPA member, but I do not live in Malaysia. Is the MRA pathway available to me?

Yes. The agreement offers MICPA members around the world an opportunity to become an ACCA member. 

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I achieved my MICPA membership via a direct membership route that did not require me to complete the MICPA Programme. Am I eligible for membership via this MRA?

No. MICPA members that qualified through a direct membership route are not eligible.  

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How do I apply for ACCA membership and what documents do I require?

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete an ACCA direct membership application form (see related downloads section)
  • Obtain a copy of your certificate attesting you as a MICPA member
  • Request a letter of good standing from MICPA. This should confirm that you:
    • are a full member of MICPA at the date of issuance of the letter;
    • are in good standing; and 
    • have had no adverse disciplinary finding from MICPA in the previous seven years. 

To apply for membership of ACCA, you must submit your application form, copy of your certificate of MICPA membership and your letter of good standing to ACCA.  Once you are ready to submit, send us a message and upload your application 

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If I obtain ACCA membership through this MRA pathway, do I need to retain my MICPA membership?

Yes. Members of both bodies are required to keep their original designation if they are accepted as a member of the other body under this MRA. 

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