ACCA members and students living in Hong Kong SAR of China have found many pathways to success. ACCA has a very strong membership base, brand recognition and influence in the market due to its early establishment.

For example, Paul Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR of China Government, was the Chairman of ACCA Hong Kong for 1996/97, and a former member of ACCA Council. Though not having statutory status in Hong Kong, ACCA is a designation highly-regarded by employers.

According to the 2019 ACCA Employers Survey (Hong Kong findings):

  • 100% of respondents say that ACCA is a respected brand
  • 98% of respondents say that ACCA is a world-class organisation
  • 92% of respondents agree that ACCA is a broad-based qualification relevant across all sectors

Due to ACCA’s success in China, the closer ties between Hong Kong SAR of China and mainland China have provided new opportunities for ACCA. Positioned as the gateway for China, Hong Kong has benefited from China’s fast economic growth and massive foreign investment in the past three decades.

The closer relationships have brought a growing number of Hong Kong SAR of China accountants to seek business and career opportunities on the mainland. They also support the status of Hong Kong as a trend leader and an international benchmark.

In this context, ACCA’s strong market recognition in mainland China is conducive to keeping ACCA’s attractiveness in Hong Kong SAR of China. Hong Kong’s unique status to the Mainland also makes it important for ACCA to have visible presence here to benefit our reputation and influence in China and regionally.