In a series of videos Peter Jackson, Chief Data Officer Southern Water and the co-author of ‘The Chief Data Officer's Playbook' explores a number of key themes for the CFO.

  • Why data is really important to an organisation
  • How data analytics and data visualisation can assist in solving problems
  • The key steps that CFO needs to take around data
  • Where the responsibility for data governance lies and how finance and the Chief Data Officer need to collaborate

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In the first video Peter outlines the importance of data for organisations and how they can unlock more opportunity and potential from it from advanced analytics.

The role of the chief data officer (CDO)

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In the second video, Peter explains the value of having a CDO in place in your organisation. 

Data strategy and governance

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In the third and final video, Peter argues it’s not enough to have quick fixes for data – organisational data strategy must align with business strategy. But where do you start?