A light skinned woman with wavy hair wearing a virtual reality headset

The challenge for CFOs is to embrace the technological change and seize the opportunity for the finance team.

Through this article we consider:

  • The impact of digital on the organisation
  • The emerging technologies reshaping the opportunity
  • The impact on finance talent.

Interviews and insights

Watch leading CFOs share their perspectives on the implications of digital for the finance organisation of the future; the strategies that it adopts and the benefits offered.

My one top question – Jens Madrian, CFO/CCO, Reactive Technologies, shares his one top question that he challenges his team with to encourage the right choices for the business.

Embracing the digital culture – Jens Madrian also shares his reflections on seeing 'digital' as more than just a channel.

The ascent of digital – Nauman Asif, CFO, Bayt.com outlines the data, talent, change management challenges the ascent of digital brings to an organisation. 

A non-executive director's view – Alan Johnson, former non-executive director of Jeronimo Martins SGPS, Portugal, reflects on the impact of the digital revolution on the role of the NED.

  • Top tips for a successful digital transformation journey
    1. Make it part of a broader transformation journey. Be clear on where you are headed and most importantly why. Have a point of view on the future, articulate it, get on with delivering against it.
    2. Be prepared to fail, adopt learner mind-sets not expert mind-sets (counter intuitive for many finance professionals).
    3. Move fast - don't need to be first, but definitely fast (refer to the point about being prepared to fail).
    4. Bring the sizzle, not just the sausage: inspire change. Digital change is all about invoking emotional experiences not just process innovation.
    5. Engage your leaders and educate them on digital change, and how to be leaders in a digital world.

    Silvio Giorgio, GM Group Finance Australia Post; driving transformational change and disrupting finance from within.