Ethics and Professional Skills Module

What is it?

Our Ethics and Professional Skills Module is designed to provide students with the complete range of skills employers need.  Preparing students for a career as a trusted and confident finance professional, the interactive online module places students in realistic business situations, where they'll develop advanced ethical, professional and digital skills needed to shine in the workplace.

Use our career navigator to find out what skills are linked to the Ethics and Professional Skills Module.

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Additional student benefits

The skills developed within the module greatly enhances students chances of success in these exams.  We therefore recommend students complete the module before attempting Strategic Professional exams.  

On completion of the module students will receive a certificate of achievement - a great resource to evidence their professionalism to existing and future employers.

Module fees and estimated duration for completion

To find out about the Ethics and Professional Skills Module cost, visit our fees section.   The fee is a one off cost, with no additional fees required to re-take the end of module assessment should this be required.

It is expected that the module will take students approximately 15 hours to complete. 

Module assessment

The module is made up of ten units in total, which includes an end assessment which assess students on what they have learnt throughout the module.  Students take the end assessment only once they have completed all the previous units.


Next steps for students

Following completion of this module students should move onto the Strategic Professional exams. These exams produce strategic, forward thinking professional accountants with the unique blend of skills to hit the ground running and add immediate value within their organisations.