Misconduct in an examination

The Supervisor is empowered to discontinue the examination of a registered student suspected of misconduct and require him or her to leave the examination room.

A registered student found guilty of contravening an examination regulation may be disqualified from any examinations for which the results have not yet been issued, barred from sitting examinations for a specified period, removed from the student register, and/or be liable to such other penalty as the Disciplinary Committee may determine. A registered student found guilty of a breach of the examination regulations will normally be removed from the register.

Publicity will always be given to the Disciplinary Committee’s decision and in all but exceptional circumstances the registered student will be named. ACCA reserves the right to withhold the results of a registered student’s examination while a complaint against him or her is under investigation or consideration.

The Examination Regulations and disciplinary procedures also apply to registered students sitting examinations for internally examined courses.