Organisations - technological developments and communications

The planning process in most organisations must include some appraisal of external, or environmental, factors on the business. Most often, this is carried out by analysing the various influences under headings such as:

  • PEST -  political, economic, social, technological
  • SLEPT - social, legal, economic, political, technologica

Whatever acronym is used, there is no doubt that technological factors must be factored into the analysis. For most businesses, technological developments have a major impact on virtually every facet of the operation.

One of the most important aspects of organisational planning is the communications plan. Yet while most businesses acknowledge this, some do not regard it as a distinct feature of planning. Others may regard it as a component of a broader stakeholder or corporate affairs model.

This article examines the effects of technological change on communications in the organisation. Of necessity, this has to embrace both internal and external communications.

  1. Background
  2. New technology and internal communications
  3. Managing internal communications
  4. New technology and external communications
  5. Managing external communications