LW frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If an EU directive was enacted into English law, could it be examinable?

Yes - anything that becomes substantive English law will be examinable.

In contract law, do candidates need to know about anticipatory breach?

Yes, as this is part of breach.

Is it sufficient for candidates to just quote one case?

One case is enough per issue. If candidates state the principle and cite the name, it isn't necessary to describe the facts of the case. Cases should be cited to support the law but they are not necessary - examples are fine too. They can be used to show the candidate understands the point of law.

What is the advantage of studying law for accountants?

Accountants need to understand the general legal framework and specific areas relating to business so that they can recognise where a legal issue has arisen and then be able to employ a specialist for legal advice.

The Corporate and Business Law (LW) syllabus focuses on legal issues relating to business that are of most concern to finance professionals.

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