New formats for Papers F5, F7, F8 and F9

We will be introducing new exam formats, in paper exams, for Fundamentals Skills level exams (Papers F5, F7, F8 and F9) in December 2014 in line with the update to the syllabus and examinable documents. In the new formats, all of the Fundamentals (Papers F5–F9) exams will have two sections. In Section A, multiple-choice questions will be used to ensure syllabus coverage, while in Section B longer, written, question types will continue to probe on key objectives of the subject. Specimen papers and Study Guides will be available on the website shortly.

Paper F6, due to the different exam year, will follow in June 2015.

Syllabuses, examinable documents and exam structure for Papers F4, F5, F7, F8, F9 , P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P7 remain exactly the same in June 2014 as they were in December 2013. For Papers F6 (UK) and P6 (UK), there is a change to syllabus from June 2014 as is normal, but no change in structure.

Other variants remain on their normal changeover date too for annual updates; that is most examine new legislation in June, but in line with previous years some change in December. 

Ensuring syllabus coverage meets a key employer objective and is in line with our vision of training students to become complete finance professionals. So while these changes will help us ensure students are not question spotting and focusing on elements they believe may come up in the exam, they also help us transition our exams when we are looking to further develop our offering of CBEs.