Taxation (TX) essentials on one page

What is TX about?
Taxation provides you with the skills required to compute tax liabilities and apply basic tax planning techniques for individuals and companies.

TX: an overview

Illustration of the tax system, the obligations of tax payers and the implications of non-compliance. The graphic splits information out as relevant to individual versus companies

Steps to success

  • If possible, study with an approved learning partner and use approved content
  • Study the whole syllabus
  • Practice exam style and standard questions, to time, using the ACCA Practice Platform
  • Develop your skills in answering constructed response questions
  • Practice using CBE functionality appropriately
  • Attempt at least two full exams under exam conditions, debrief your answers, then focus your revision on weaker areas.

Key resources

Tackling the exam

Section A (30 marks)

  • 15 multiple-choice questions (MCQ), each worth two marks.

Tips for answering MCQ questions

  • Read the question and scenario carefully
  • Answer all questions

Section B (70 marks)

  • Four constructed response questions worth 10 marks each; and
  • Two constructed response questions worth 15 marks each

Tips for answering Section B questions

  • Allocate 18 minutes to each 10-mark question
  • Always read the requirement(s) first
  • Focus on a well-structured layout
  • Present all workings
  • Make clear statements for narrative answers and avoid repetition
  • Attempt all requirements.