Bringing an F8 exam question to life

ACCA recognises that not all students are able to gain experience of a real-life audit and so struggle to answer F8 exam questions.  

The below nine-minute video shows a discussion between an audit manager and the audit supervisor and is based on Section B Question 5(b) from the June 2015 exam. It should help you to better see the linkage between what you have learnt and how this is applied in the real world.

The question asks the student to describe the audit risks in the scenario and to explain the auditor’s response to each risk in planning their audit.

Although most students are able to identify indicators in a scenario that imply there is an audit risk, they find it difficult to:

  • explain how this indicator turns into an audit risk – so, what is the impact on the financial statements and why the auditor should be concerned, and
  • provide a valid response – so, how an auditor should deal with the risk.

Read through the scenario in the exam question (see ‘Related links’) and make notes on Question 5(b) before watching this video, which brings the question to life – showing you what happens on a real audit when a risk is identified and the audit team are deciding how best to deal with that risk.