Maths and English language support

Identify your current levels of maths and English proficiency, and increase your skill levels.

English language support

Exam language banks

ACCA’s exam language banks have been developed in collaboration with the British Council to help you create exam answers that are clear and coherent, allowing markers to follow your answers easily.

Each bank covers a language function that is common across ACCA exams at Applied Skills and Strategic Professional and includes:

  • An introduction to the language function and how it is used in ACCA exams
  • Useful words and phrases, illustrated with example wording from answers to past ACCA exams
  • Sample answers showing how to combine words and phrases into fuller answers

If you find it difficult to produce written answers, referring to the exam language banks as part of your question practice can help you get comfortable with using these words and phrases before sitting your exam.

Giving Information

Conveying your understanding, knowledge and expertise by providing detailed facts, characteristics or features.

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Developing an argument

Presenting an organised set of ideas of points that analyse and evaluate viewpoints or perspectives.

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Making recommendations

Suggesting actions, strategies, or decisions based on your analysis or evaluation of a situation.

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Causes and consequences

Detailing why something happens and what results from it.

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Making predictions and speculations

Offering explanations or hypotheses about the probability of something happening, based on available information.

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Maths support

Essential maths skills videos

Top up your maths skills with our suite of videos covering equations, percentages, basic algebra and more.

Free maths and English self-check tests 

You need to be competent in maths and English to complete the ACCA Qualification. To help you with your maths skills ACCA has created some self-check tests, accessible on the Student Virtual Learning Centre