Introduction to Advanced Financial Management

The Advanced Financial Management exam is designed to replicate the role of a senior financial executive or advisor, and prepares candidates to advise management and/or clients on complex strategic financial management issues facing an organisation.

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Are you ready for AFM? 

An important factor in AFM exam success is the underpinning knowledge from Financial Management. So, whether you are new to ACCA, haven’t studied for a while, or just want to check how well you know the core materials, we have created some self-check quizzes to assess your underlying knowlegde and get personalised advice on your next steps and how to study for AFM efficiently. Access the AFM self-check quizzes now.

The Ethics and Professional Skills module is an essential part of the ACCA qualification that helps to increase your employability and workplace effectiveness. But we also know that students who have completed EPSM are significantly better prepared for AFM, so make sure you plan EPSM into your studies. In particular, you will be able to draw upon the skills gained in Unit 3: Innovation and scepticism. Find out more about how EPSM can help you pass AFM.

Top tips: 

  • View the specimen exam early in your studies
  • Supplement your studies with wider reading
  • Be aware that more than one topic area of the syllabus will be examined in a question
  • Support any discussion or evaluation you make to the scenario in the question – context is very important
  • Use your exam time effectively – good time management skills are essential
  • Structure your answers – presentation is critical
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