Introduction to Advanced Taxation

The Advanced Taxation exam is designed to reflect the need to exercise professional judgement and provide relevant information and advice to individuals and businesses on the impact of major taxes on financial decisions and situations.

Video: What's ATX about, steps to success and tackling the exam

Please refer to the ATX Changes from June 2023 article alongside the above video as there have been some important updates since the video was created.

Are you ready for ATX?

The Ethics and Professional Skills module is an essential part of the ACCA qualification that helps to increase your employability and workplace effectiveness. But we also know that students who have completed EPSM are significantly better prepared for ATX, so make sure you plan EPSM into your studies. In particular, you will be able to draw upon the skills gained in Unit 6: Communication. Find out more about how EPSM can help you pass ATX.

Top tips: 

  • View the specimen exam early in your studies
  • Have thorough, precise knowledge of the entire syllabus
  • Refresh brought forward knowledge from the TX syllabus
  • Learn how to spot “triggers” which are there to point you towards the required answer
  • Be prepared to answer questions on ethical issues
  • Be ruthless in critiquing your answers
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