International aspects of personal taxation for ATX-UK - self-test: answers

Test your understanding: answers

(1). Statement A is false
Jay will be subject to UK IHT on any UK assets.

Statement B is true
Disposals of UK land and buildings are subject to UK CGT, regardless of the resident status of the person making the disposal.

(2). Statement A is true
Chough will be subject to UK CGT on his worldwide assets.

Statement B is false
Chough will be subject to UK income tax on his worldwide income. The remittance basis is not available because Chough is domiciled in the UK.

(3). Statement A is false
Quail will not be deemed domiciled in the UK unless he also has a domicile of origin in the UK.

Statement B is false
The rules for determining deemed domicile status for IHT are not exactly the same as those relating to CGT.