Exam technique

Good exam technique alongside good technical knowledge is key to exam success. But what is good exam technique and how do you improve these skills? 


Exam technique includes effective time management to ensure you attempt all question requirements. It includes being able to identify the issues within a requirement that require consideration and for which marks will be available, including those issues that may be hidden within the scenario. It includes how to plan effectively, how to structure your answer and how to convert your plans into final answers.


The resources below will help you identify the elements of good exam technique in SBR and how to ensure you are well prepared on your exam day.

SBR Question 1 format change - prepopulated spreadsheet

Make sure that you're familiar with the question 1 format change that is being  introducted from the September 2023 exam session. Find out more.


How to earn marks in SBR

Expert tutor Cara Barrett shares her valuable insight to help you prepare for SBR.

    September 2023 webinar recording