10 ways to get promoted

If you have ambition and want to work your way to the top, it’s time to get promoted. We asked you for your top tips on how to climb the career ladder, and here are some of the best

1 Loyalty

Most company bosses are passionate about the organisation they work for. This involves being genuinely interested in what the business does, working hard to share in the success of the company, and also not doing anything to endanger the welfare of the organisation. So one of the first rules of being a loyal employee and an ideal candidate for promotion is to think hard before you act. ‘Be loyal to your company. Show you care about what happens to the business,’ advises Daniel Karimanzira, a Part 1 student from Zimbabwe. Make sure your boss knows this is the type of employee you are.

2 Show your progress

Fahad Hafeez Siddiqui, a Part 3 student from the UK advises: ‘Every three months, set yourself some goals and at the end of this time compare your actual achievements with your goals to see how you have done. Share this information regularly with your superior so you keep them updated with your capabilities and you both get a sense of achievement.’ Setting targets with your boss is a brilliant way to involve them in your progress. Your manager will see and share your achievements with you, which is an ideal situation for your efforts to be rewarded by a promotion.

3 Look from the other side

Promotions are not lightly given. Especially in a large organisation, there are likely to be rules about when and why a promotion can be awarded. There needs to be a reason for you to be awarded a new role. ‘Look at things from your manager’s point of view, why does he/she need to promote you? You need to prove that your performance is better, or that your qualifications have changed since your last appraisal or promotion,’ points out Chinyong Tan, an affiliate from Malaysia.

4 It’s not about the money

Have you thought seriously about why you want the promotion? Is it about a genuine desire to improve your professional life and to relish the challenge of a new role, or just because you want a better salary? If it’s the latter, then think again. You may not be able to cope with the new role if you are simply driven by the money. Margaret Eriya, a Part 2 student from Nigeria says: ‘You should work to learn and not to earn. The more you grow by learning, the wider your sphere of influence can become.’

5 Communicate with your boss

People can sometimes do an excellent job for years and get constantly overlooked when it comes to getting promoted, especially if you’re part of a large team. It’s probably not that your boss doesn’t think you’re a good worker, it’s probably because nothing has gone wrong. Unfortunately, if everything’s going according to plan, you’re probably not at the forefront of your boss’s thoughts. So make sure they know who you are, and talk to them. Think of ways you could improve the way your job is done, and let them know. ‘I made sure my boss realised my zeal to change the way I worked and also told him about recommendations from our clients. When the company expanded I got promoted,’ says Alfred Nii Kotey Batler, a Part 1 student from Ghana.

6 Sometimes you have to ask

When you have passed your exams, it’s natural that you expect to be rewarded for your efforts. Arrange a meeting with your manager to explain how your achievements mean you are now an even more valuable employee, and how your job knowledge has improved. Winston Magutswi, an affiliate from Zambia, says: ‘I organised a meeting with my boss and explained that I would like to be promoted following qualification. He agreed that I deserved recognition within the company having achieved a premier qualification recognised worldwide.’

7 Work hard

It may be the most obvious statement, but to gain a promotion you have to put the work in. No matter how well you get on with your boss, if you don’t complete your work on time, or complete it to a high standard, you’ll end up staying where you are. Mohammed Elomi, a Part 2 student from Nigeria explains: ‘Make sure you’re always busy. Don’t wait for your boss to tell you to do the tasks you do regularly. They shouldn’t have to remind you of your duties.’

"Be loyal to your company. Show you care about what happens to the business"