Knowledge applied

If you haven’t considered your practical experience requirements before, do you know where to start?

The period after the exam sessions – or any other quiet time during the year – provides a perfect opportunity to think about how you are going to fulfil your practical experience requirements (PER), and get to grips with the tools that will help you.

Making a start

If you are in an accounting or finance-related role then you are ready to start recording your practical experience and work towards achieving your performance objectives. You need to get acquainted with the My Experience tool, find yourself a practical experience supervisor, and make a decision about which performance objectives you are going to target.

These performance objectives could be part of your work, or could be business-related objectives. So when you are setting your work objectives with your manager, try and agree the performance objectives you could work towards at the same time. It is also a good idea to tie your objectives to recently taken exams or to the exams you are going to take next – and practical application will also help improve your exam performance.

The right role

If your job includes only a small amount of accountancy and finance work, it can still count towards your 36-months’ practical experience but the time you spend on these activities must be prorated. You can also use experience from previous roles towards your PER, including experience prior to registering with ACCA – although whoever supervised your work at that time must be able to review and sign off the time you are claiming towards the 36 months' requirement and any performance objectives you achieved with them.

Get started

PER provides a framework for achievement, confirming effective and sustainable workplace performance, making you a more valuable employee. Think about how you will get your practical experience and achieve your 9 performance objectives. Start today by accessing the My Experience tool through myACCA and find out more about what you have to do.