The ACCA Global Forum for Technology

The forum brings shared thinking on how technology and data impact the roles of accountancy and finance professionals. The forum includes those who work in the technology space, practitioners from small and large practices, Chief Financial Officers and academics from across the globe.


Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis, InterWorks UK

Sam Ellis is a chartered accountant with experience working in private accounting firms and a number of high growth businesses. He brings a depth of knowledge having worked in varying industries from renewable energy, cycling and business intelligence.

For the last 6 years, Sam has worked in the technology and data industry, initially with Starcount, a top London data consultancy, and is currently working as Head of Finance for InterWorks, a global specialist data consulting practice.

ACCA expert

Clive Webb

Clive Webb, Head of Business Management

Clive is a member of the Professional Insights team. He deals with business and technology related matters from the perspective of Chief Financial Officer.

His research interests include the application of digital technologies to the finance function, and how they impact on the people and processes they support. He is the author of works on the digital skills of the accountancy and finance professional, the impacts of technologies and the future of the finance function.

He has a particular interest in the personal developmental aspects of an organisation.