Pension fund trustees and climate change

This study investigates pension fund trustees' attitudes towards their role and responsibilities in relation to climate change, to discover whether they are harnessing their power to effect change. (Ref: RR-106)

ACCA research report no. 106

Professor Jill Solomon
King’s College London, University of London


This study is the first to address trustees’ attitudes towards climate change and its potential impact on pension fund investment. Further, it represents a first attempt to gather interview evidence on trustees’ views.

The findings of the full study provide rich, in-depth evidence about trustees’ attitudes towards their role and responsibilities regarding climate change.


See also

A discussion paper reporting the findings of a small, follow-up study involving ten interviews conducted in Spring/early Summer 2009, provides an indication of change in perceptions in a year of economic tumult and rising environmental concerns. See Pension Fund Trustees and Climate Change: One year on.