The value creation model for business: 2010 and beyond

This report shares ACCA’s insights on how professional accountants can help organisations create and sustain value in the global economy beyond 2010. It was specifically produced to coincide with the theme of the 18th World Congress of Accountants, organised by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and the International Federation of Accountants.

This report presents insights from business leaders around the world on the value that professional accountants bring to their organisations. These findings are presented in the context of a broader commentary on how finance professionals will support organisations to create and sustain value beyond 2010.

As primary users and employers of professional accountants, the business leaders in this survey provided ACCA with unique insights into their perspectives on the value that professional accountants bring to their businesses. The survey asked business leaders their thoughts on the future role of accountants in their organisation, whether they considered the influence of accountants to be greater in the wake of the global economic crisis, and what they saw as the key skills finance professionals would need to best support their organisations in delivering superior business performance and creating value beyond 2010.

The report considers the contribution accountants make in three areas as part of a cycle of value creation.

First, it looks at how employers can best source value through people, recognising the skills that professional accountants bring and considering the interventions businesses need to make to harness these.

Second, through performance, it considers the application of these skills and capabilities in the roles that professional accountants perform to help their organisations deliver value.

Third, through professionalism, it recognises the accountant’s role in helping organisations sustain value for the long term, and their role in the development of the global economy.