SSC supplement special

ACCA Accounting and Business [six-part supplement], July 2011. Shared Services Roundtable – The first ACCA Ireland shared services roundtable, held on 6 May 2011, brought together high-level FCCAs within the sector in Ireland, sharing perspectives on an area recognised as being of strategic importance to Ireland’s high-value services-driven economy. A Share of the Action – Flexibility is the hallmark of the successful shared services accountant and the career rewards are considerable for those with an aptitude for diversity. Ireland to the Fore – Ireland is the location of choice for some of the most innovative global companies in ICT, digital media, life sciences, engineering, business and financial services, as Emmanuel Dowdall, IDA Ireland explains. Move closer – Ciaran Ó hÓgartaigh on the move from US GAAP to IFRS and its significance to the shared services sector. Dynamic currency conversion – Colm D’Arcy, FCCA, on a financial service developed in Ireland of particular interest in the shared service environment. Yahoo! Gets serious – Caroline Curtis FCCA on the global internet company that has made Ireland central to its plans for growth.