A framework for effective governance: growth through responsible business

As part of the ESRC’s seminar series on governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies, a conference on the subject took place in ACCA’s London headquarters on 19 November 2014.

The event brought together key researchers and practitioners to consider the role of appropriate governance frameworks for encouraging socially responsible behaviour and commercial success among emerging and developing country SMEs.

Tracy Gordon gave her presentation from a practice perspective.

Tracy Gordon

Tracy Gordon is one of the leaders of Deloitte’s UK Centre for Corporate Governance and specialises in corporate governance matters. Tracy leads Deloitte’s governance activities across a range of stakeholder communities. She regularly presents to clients on the latest governance and corporate reporting developments, and is also a regular presenter at the Deloitte Academy and as part of Deloitte’s Next Generation CFO Programme. She undertakes benchmarking exercises for many companies keen to meet current standards for best practice and bespoke training for board members new to the UK governance framework or needing a refresher on the requirements.

Tracy is the author of Deloitte’s series of governance publications 'Governance in Brief' and 'Governance in Focus' and has responsibility for maintaining the UK firm’s corporate governance website and the UK section of the Deloitte Global Centre for Corporate Governance. These sites provide access to a large range of resources, both Deloitte and external resources, to assist directors with their governance arrangements.