Assessing and implementing governance in family owned SMEs in emerging economies

As part of the ESRC’s seminar series on governance, CSR and SMEs in emerging economies, a conference on the subject took place in ACCA’s London headquarters on 19 November 2014.

The event brought together key researchers and practitioners to consider the role of appropriate governance frameworks for encouraging socially responsible behaviour and commercial success among emerging and developing country SMEs.

Kiril Nejkov gave his presentation from a practice perspective.

Kiril Nejkov

Kiril Nejkov has worked with IFC since 2006. Kiril has comprehensive experience in corporate governance from south-east Europe, the Caucasus and south Asia, including through provision of tailored support to over 50 companies and work on over 20 national and sector-specific CG Codes, standards and tools. Before joining IFC, Kiril worked in the cabinets of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and of the president of Macedonia, and as a consultant for the EU, UNDP and the World Bank. Kiril holds a PhD in corporate governance from University of Skopje and LL.M in International Law from Cambridge University (UK).