China’s next 100 global giants

A growing number of Chinese businesses are moving from dominance of domestic markets to global growth. This report identifies 100 emerging businesses that are not yet well known outside China but will be competing globally over the next three to five years.


It’s no secret that China’s businesses have been the ones to watch in the global sphere. The rapid advancement in technology in this part of the world has been key to it becoming what it is today. 

Europe and North America have increasingly had China on their radars for global competition in various business sectors. Now is the time for them to develop and strengthen their ties with Chinese business and work together to create global businesses. 

It is also time for China to embrace its notoriety and turn those businesses on the edge of international expansion into global giants. ACCA has always endorsed the notion that smaller and less well-known entities are the pinnacle of the business world, and so need to be nurtured as much as possible to go from SMEs to large and then global businesses. 

Finance professionals must keep up-to-date with the ever-changing world around them, so they can be at the forefront of discussions about the developing business world. 

China’s rise to the highest ranks of the business world is something to definitely take note of, and the 100 businesses identified in this report as having the potential to become global giants clearly show the robust business models they have in place.