Oil and gas – priorities and challenges for the CFO enterprise

This report summarises the key issues facing finance professionals in the oil and gas sector. It considers what their priorities might be in their role of helping drive stability and growth in the sector.


The oil and gas industry is a key bedrock of the global economy. Yet in recent months the industry has been dramatically impacted by falling prices with prices of oil almost halving over the previous 12 months.

This report considers the key issues facing finance professionals in the industry and explores what the role of the CFO enterprise is in helping secure a path to recovery for enterprises in the sector. 

From managing the cost base of the business, to driving efficient and effective capital investment programmes, managing investor expectations and mitigating key risks, CFOs have a critical responsibility in helping their businesses survive short to medium term challenges as well as effectively plan to secure longer term success.

This report outlines the challenges and successful strategies finance leaders should be looking to adopt to ensure they continue to play a key part in transforming their enterprises on the return path to growth.