Cyberwarriors with calculators: the role of accounting and finance professionals in a company's cybersecurity

Computers, servers and the Internet are indispensable tools for financial professionals – and they are under relentless attack. For accountants, measures must be taken to ensure that the sensitive personal and corporate financial information they handle is safe: accountants need to be at the forefront of cybersecurity.

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'Cyberwarriors with calculators'

Technology is ever-present in our lives. So too, unfortunately, is the imminent threat of hackers and those who would do us harm. The costs associated with cyberattacks are staggering. People and companies lose between $375 and $575 billion annually to these acts. The loss of our collective peace of mind cannot be quantified.

In order for our nation to continue to prosper in a rapidly changing world we must diligently protect our public and private technological infrastructures and maintain the trust of the international community. The American government and private industry is investing significant resources in this area, and Pace University is proud to contribute to the effort by collaborating with public and private sector representatives on research and innovative strategies that will detect, prevent and respond to cyberattacks.

Dr. Jonathan Hill’s research, in partnership with ACCA, provides both a national and international perspective on how company policies, individual practices and internal communications play a significant role in preventing and responding to cyberthreats. We are very proud of his efforts and are confident that his work will contribute to a safer, more secure and prosperous America.