Accountants' reports

The SRA has highlighted its expectations of accountants' reports

In Evaluating our reforms: Accountants’ reports, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has highlighted the impact that the changes to the accountants' reporting rules have had.

It has also evaluated reports and, in the appendix, highlights what it expects from reporting accountants.

In addition, the review includes real-life examples of reports in sections on ‘good-quality reports’ and ‘reports that could be improved’, explaining why they are good or could be improved. 

A good-quality accountants' report is one that provides the SRA with clear information on: 

  • the breach identified 
  • how many breaches that have occurred 
  • how much money is involved in each breach 
  • the duration of the breach 
  • what steps have been taken to remedy the breach and ensure it is not repeated 
  • what steps have been taken to identify its source 
  • the reporting accountant’s professional opinion whether the breach was significant. 

The report also notes that the accountants' report should enable the SRA to decide whether to investigate further without having to contact the firm for further information.

The report is attached in the 'Related documents' section on this page.