Anti-money laundering supervisory review: consultation published by HM Treasury

ACCA response to the HM Treasury's Anti-Money supervisory review.

ACCA welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation. The outcome of the supervisory review will be crucial to the future reputation of the UK, which must be seen to have a robust anti-money laundering (AML) infrastructure. A central feature of the current AML landscape in the UK is the diversity of organisations supervised under the regime, and even the diversity of accountancy practices supervised by members of the Accountants Affinity Group (AAG) of the Anti-Money Laundering Supervisors’ Forum (AMLSF).

The expertise and experience of ACCA’s members, in-house technical experts and members of ACCA’s Global Forums for Taxation and Business Law have allowed ACCA to provide its well-informed opinion in response to this HM Treasury consultation.