ACCA president debate 8 February 2017

ACCA's first President's debate for 2017 was held in Brussels on the topic of 'accounting for natural resources'. Here we present a short video of the event featuring interviews with the main speakers.

Brian McEnery, ACCA President, hosted the first 2017 'ACCA President's debate' in Brussels on 8th February, 'Accounting for Public Goods: the Social and Natural Capital Imperatives'.

The event brought together policymakers, investors, land managers, businesses, natural capital specialists and accountancy professionals to discuss how accounting can help integrate the values and services of nature into economic decision making, and how can it support businesses to make more sustainable choices.

Moderated by ACCA's Director of Professional Insights, Maggie McGhee, the panel speakers were: 

  • Corrado Pirzio-Biroli, CEO of the RISE Foundation 
  • Eva Mayerhofer, Lead Environment and Biodiversity Specialist, European Investment Bank
  • Michel Bande, Senior Executive Vice-President, Solvay 
  • Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director, Natural Capital, DG ENVI, European Commission.

Highlights from President's debate February 2017