Sustainability reporting: the evolving landscape in Pakistan

This report examines the changes in sustainability reporting in Pakistan and in doing so aims to find the key benefits that lead organisations to report on sustainability.


This report comprises an introduction to the concept of sustainable development, followed by five chapters: 

  • Sustainability reporting in Pakistan
  • Why do companies from Pakistan report on sustainability?
  • Environmental, CSR and GRI reporting in Pakistan: an overview
  • Sustainability reporting in Sri Lanka and a comparison with Pakistan
  • Recommendations

The report concludes that companies in Pakistan, by and large, are aware of the need for transparency, a better corporate image, and the importance of harmony for global reporting. But that there are issues and challenges related to management commitment and availability of data for such reports and integrating the sustainable development process into business operations. The recommendations in the report cover:

  • Awareness raising
  • Showcasing achievements
  • Policy-level interventions
  • Capacity building sessions
  • Awards.