ACCA’s Public Sector Roundtables: Continuing Two Important Conversations with the Experts

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As part of the 10th-annual Virtual Public Sector Conference (VPSC), ACCA’s Public Sector Team convened two roundtables with our partners at IFAC to continue conversations from our VPSC with a number of expert participants.

The roundtables look place on December 7th and December 8th 2020.They focused on Sustainable Public Finances During Times of Crisis (chaired by Anthony Harbinson, ex-ACCA President) and The Role of the Public Finance Profession in Achieving the SDGs (chaired by Jimmy Greer, ACCA’s Head of Sustainability). These sessions were co-organised with our colleagues at IFAC and the turnout and level of discussion were fantastic. Overall, we hosted 22 senior experts spanning different sectors, regions and areas of expertise. As a result of these timely conversations, we drafted two policy briefs based on the recommendations of both groups.

The recommendations call on governments to meet a number of important objectives including utilising the role of the public finance profession to push for progress in achieving the SDGs and ensuring the COVID-19 economic recovery is both sustainable and inclusive of all.

Take a look at the policy briefs under the downloads section and help continue the conversations around these important issues.

For questions or comments about the policy briefs or the roundtables, please contact Alex Metcalfe (Head of Public Sector) or Rachel Bleetman (Policy and Research Manager, Public Sector).