ACCA UK Autumn Statement Survey 2023

Members voiced concerns including issues around accessing HMRC services

More than 200 ACCA members from a broad range of sectors contributed to our UK Autumn Statement Survey – a huge thank you to everyone who shared views and insight with us. Your feedback helps ensure we represent the views of our members and stakeholders to government and the media.

The scale of the challenge faced by members using HMRC services was one of the most acute challenges raised, with 93% reporting that HMRC needs to make drastic improvements to communication and waiting times. We highlighted this evidence in a press release, gaining a lot of traction, including in Accountancy Today, The Accountant Online, Scottish Financial News and

With interest rates and inflation top of the agenda, members also shared valuable insight into the impact of increased costs on investment plans, with 53% indicating a negative impact on their organisation and/or their clients’ growth or investment plans. Looking to the future, only 29% of respondents believe the prospects for the UK economy are positive over the next 12 months. We are also highlighting the crucial need for government intervention across these areas as part of our pre-Autumn Statement letter to the Chancellor.

Below is a summary of the key statistics:                

  • Over half (53%) of respondents believe that increased interest costs have negatively affected their organisation's and/or their clients' growth or investment plans.
  • Only 9% believe that the availability of finance is better for their organisation and/or their clients' organisations during Q3 2023 compared with the previous 12 months; 49% believe it is worse and the remainder are unsure or believe that it's not applicable.
  • Over half (52%) say that HMRC service levels have had a negative impact on productivity and efficiency for their organisation and/or clients' organisations.
  • Only 7% believe that no improvements are required to HMRC services; 'reduced call waiting times', 'improved call handling systems' and 'improved communication (ie greater use of email)' are the three most commonly selected improvement areas.
  • Only 29% believe that the prospects for the UK economy are positive over the next 12 months.

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