Consultation: APPG Accountancy as a STEM subject inquiry

We believe that simplicity and open access for all are core considerations when considering the classification of subject areas, funding models, and career support for both individuals and organisations.

Our members work across a range of sectors, including in practice as critical advisors to SMEs, in the public sector, public practice, financial services, manufacturing and all key sectors of the economy. We also have partners across a broad range of academic institutions and training providers around the world.

Improving levels of awareness around the broad range of entry routes to a fulfilling career in the Accountancy profession is one of our core priorities; this includes work being undertaken across schools and education institutions in the UK and worldwide. A significant amount of work is being undertaken across STEM fields to encourage greater uptake across both young people and those seeking to re-train into a new field. The inclusion of Accountancy as a STEM subject presents an exciting opportunity to reach a broader audience of talent.

Although the inclusion of Accountancy as a STEM subject has the potential to reach a broader range of individuals seeking to build a career in a new profession and many other potential benefits, there are a number of factors which must be considered;

- The impact on equality, diversity and inclusion – the accountancy profession has made significant progress towards diversity and inclusion, attracting a broader spectrum of talent at all levels, including individuals from various ethnic, gender, and culturally diverse backgrounds. The work in this space must continue across both the accountancy profession and STEM.
- Perceptions linked to mathematics – potential learners must understand that although a solid foundation in Numeracy can be beneficial to those seeking to enter the profession, expertise in mathematics is not a prerequisite for a career in Accountancy.
- Strong and established links exist between innovation, technology and the accountancy profession – professional accountants are crucial in driving productivity across organisations of all sizes and the broader economy.

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