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The following guides can be customised by practitioners with their own business branding and distributed not only to existing clients for information but also to attract new clients to the practice.

Cash flow overview
Although it's a challenge and you need to be making enough sales, there are many ways to keep your cash flow positive and make sure sufficient cash enters your business when you need it.

Managing your cash flow
Effective cash flow management is vital to ensure that your business has the funding needed to keep trading and make the most of opportunities to grow. A business can survive for a short time without sales or profits, but not without cash.

How to improve your cash flow
This guide looks at why cash flow matters and the different ways you can improve it.

Research and development expenditure credits
Research and development expenditure credit (RDEC) is usually claimed by larger companies, but can also be claimed by smaller companies if an R&D project is not eligible for the small companies tax credit scheme

Research and development tax credits
Tax credits can be a valuable tax break for small companies. Profitable companies can reduce their tax bills by around a quarter of eligible costs. For loss-making companies, the tax break can be even more valuable, with a payable credit worth a third of qualifying R&D costs.

Research and development grants
A grant can be an important element of funding the development of an innovative new product, service or process. The UK government offers some support for innovation. Grants may also be available from local and regional bodies as well as other organisations looking to support research and development.