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Business guides to help manage and grow your practice

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The following guides can be customised by practitioners with their own business branding and distributed not only to existing clients for information but also to attract new clients to the practice.

ACCA guide to VAT accounting schemes
HMRC offers a range of options depending on your turnover and type of business. VAT accounting schemes can make your life easier, simplifying your VAT accounting and in some cases improving your cashflow.

ACCA guide to preparing your annual accounts
Help your clients to ensure that they fulfil their legal requirements. Almost all companies use accounting software and the services of an accountant to prepare their accounts. Being organised makes it relatively simple to provide the information accountants need. Use this information to review and improve your business operations.

ACCA guide to common VAT problems
Problems with VAT are common and serious cashflow crises can arise - for example if you fail to set aside enough funds to pay your VAT bill. Be prepared to handle the pitfalls.

ACCA guide to company cars and tax
Company cars remain a popular employee benefit. Both employers and employees need to consider the tax implications of company cars before making decisions. A car’s CO2 emission levels can have a significant impact, as can the decision whether to buy, lease or use your own car. Find out more about the options and implications.

ACCA guide to Making Tax Digital: how to file a VAT return
Help your clients understand how MTD will affect them in the future. In the long-term all taxpayers – including businesses, sole traders and landlords – will be required to file their tax information using digital apps on a quarterly basis. MTD is being introduced gradually – and it started in April 2019 with VAT returns.

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